It Does Not Bode Well : Planet Money The press conference schedule for the G20 is a bit difficult to navigate.

It Does Not Bode Well

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One wonders about the prospects for reforming the world's financial architecture, if the G-20 folks cannot agree on a press conference schedule.

We just got a list of where the various world leaders will be giving reaction for the cameras after the big financial summit here this weekend.

And they are all over the place. The French are at the Willard Hotel, the Brits are going to be at the ambassador's house and South Korea at the Paloma Hotel.

Do they expect reporters to sprint from one to another as if this were some sort of hash run?

List after the jump.

European Union & France -- Willard Hotel
Japan -- National Press Club
Italy -- Embassy
Australia -- National Building Museum
United Kingdon -- Ambasssador's residence
Canada -- Embassy
Germany -- Ritz carlton Georgetown
South Africa -- Park Hyatt Hotel
South Korea --Paloma Hotel
Argentina -- Park Hyatt Hotel
Mexico -- Embassy of Mexico
Spain -- Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Russia -- The Washington Club