Madoff Golf Scores: Also Too Good? : Planet Money The investment manager was a tiger on the links.
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Madoff Golf Scores: Also Too Good?

Greg Newton over at the blog NakedShorts points out that Bernard Madoff, in addition to earning suspiciously steady returns for investors, also got very, very consistent golf scores..

I had a round of emails with NPR's Mike Pesca, who thinks way faster than he can type. I'll leave the misspellings in:

(PESCA) I would say it is POSSIBLY to shoot that consistently -- but for a 10 handicap golfer to never deviate -- its smells very very fishy. Lets put it this way -- over these 20 rounds he averages 84.65 -- only 3 of the 20 rounds were more than 2 shots better or worse than that. Compare to a pro -- chris dimarco for instance e- this guy has come in second in 3 majors he's not as consistent as Bernie Madoff

(KESTENBAUM) to be fair, couldn't a lot of dimarco's variation be due to the fact that those games are played on different courses? madoff's scores are all from fresh meadow country club.

(PESCA) Right, i just lkooked at cvertain 4 day scores on certain courses. Wider swings. I kjust need to calcuolate standard deviation. Can you do that?

Extra credit if anyone wants to crunch the numbers.