'Resource Actioned' Lately? : Planet Money It's starting to feel like Layoff Land out there.
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'Resource Actioned' Lately?

U.S. companies today announced 43,000 layoffs in the works today. President Barack Obama used the news to pitch a quick economic stimulus package again.

It's definitely starting to feel like Layoff Land out there, with e-mails from newly canned folks piling up. I'll drop one from an IBM family after the jump. Note: IBM calls its layoffs a "Resource Action."

A listener whose spouse just got the news at IBM writes:

"[My spouse] got a list of countries in his paperwork. The program to send certain Resource Action'ed (RA'd) employees is called "Project Match". Countries include China, India, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UAE. The problem with the program is that you're terminated as a US employee, loose vacation, retirement credits and become an IBM employee of the country. You have to renegotiate your band (level) and salary, and there's no ticket back to a job in the USA."