Talk, Dammit! : Planet Money The financial industry helped create this mess. Now it's time for its players to talk about solutions.
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Talk, Dammit!

An open letter to everyone in the finance industry: Stop telling us reporters that you won't talk to us on the record! We are in a massive, global financial crisis brought about, in no small part, because of the complexity and confusion of the finance industry. It is essential that you help us bring clarity to American citizens, taxpayers, voters.

Don't tell us that "the media" gets things wrong. Do a bit of research. Find out which reporters seem to get things right and talk to them. (I, of course, would like you to start with us at Planet Money).

I spent yesterday trying to get someone from the auditing industry to talk to me. Auditing. This is the part of finance devoted to transparency. Nobody would talk on the record. Many people expressed serious concerns about how the fiscal stimulus bill has been written, but nobody would go on the record with those concerns.

Oh, it makes me soooo mad.