Talking To Geithner : Planet Money A quick take on the Planet Money interview.
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Talking To Geithner

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's due on the line any minute now, for an interview with Adam Davidson (who'll be fueled by a last-minute dose of fruit salad). We'll break out a key part of it here, then post the full conversation for this afternoon's podcast.

UPDATE: First thought: The secretary said nationalization of the banks would be the wrong approach, but he would not say the word "nationalization."

Geithner talked about that "broad strategy" and what was and was not the "right strategy." But he never said "nationalization."

Example: "Adam, that's not the right strategy for the country, for basic, practical reasons that our system will be stronger if it remains in private hands with support from the government to make sure those institutions can play their critical role."