Stewart Vs. Cramer : Planet Money Another Jon Stewart classic in the making?

Stewart Vs. Cramer

Jon Stewart's interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer on "The Daily Show" last night is the talk of the "twit-blogs" and the "interscape" this morning.

You may recall that Stewart went after Cramer and his CNBC cohorts last week for giving bad stock tips and missing the big picture in the lead-up to the market's collapse. Last night's TDS was largely given over to an extended conversation between the pair, and Stewart went at Cramer for telling "Mad Money" viewers to take a long view on their investments even as he was aware that the "shenanigans" of heavy-duty investors had turned the market into a minefield.

What did you think? Did Stewart (backed by his studio audience) come off as a bully? Was Cramer's contrition believable or did it come off as staged? Will it change anything about Mad Money? Do you want Cramer as your financial watchdog? The interview as it aired on Comedy Central is above, and you can watch an extended unedited version on The Daily Show website.