'The Zone Of Sanity' : Planet Money Hail, Kansas City, the new center of regular living.
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'The Zone Of Sanity'

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If you're living in the swath of America from Texas up through the Dakotas, maybe you're seeing the world the way New Geography's Joel Kotkin is. He writes:

[O]nce you get away from the coasts -- where unemployment is skyrocketing and economies collapsing -- you enter what may be best to call the zone of sanity.

The zone starts somewhere in Texas and goes through much of the Great Plains all the way to the Mexican border. It covers a vast region where unemployment is relatively low, foreclosures still rare and much of the economy centers on the production of basic goods like foodstuffs, specialized equipment and energy.

Kotkin pinpoints Kansas City as the new center of paradise, calling it a place where the housing bubble scarcely happened and social stability rules.