Guy Has Very Bad Luck : Planet Money Portfolio announces it's closing, not two weeks after a blogger joined the staff.

Guy Has Very Bad Luck

Portfolio magazine announced today that it's shutting down.

And man, talk about timing. Blogger Ryan Avent had just left the Economist's Free Exchange to take over (sometime Planet Money guest) Felix Salmon's Portfolio blog, Market Movers. Salmon moved over to blog at Reuters.

Avent announced he was posting online at Portfolio on April 15. The headline: "The End, For Now."

Salmon writes:

"I feel particularly bad for the amazing Ryan Avent, who's got off to a truly smashing start at Market Movers and who looks to have jumped ship from the Economist at exactly the wrong time."

Hats off to Avent, who's posted twice today despite the situation at Portfolio, including this cool take on the NYT's Tim Geithner feature.