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How To Value Beanie Babies

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I love this comment from a listener, Brian Lalonde, about our podcast last night on mark-to-market accounting:

So if I have 12 metric tons of Beanie Babies and no one wants to buy them, it's because the *market* is broken!

Where were you when we were writing the podcast script yesterday?

If you're really stuck with 12 metric tons of Beanie Babies, you might check out ArtLoan, which I think would lend you a pile of cash if you put the stuffed animals down as collateral.

I talked with one of the folks there a few weeks back who said the company accepts high-end art, but you can also bring them your Swatch watch collection. Apparently really fanatical collectors would rather give up food than lose their snow globes or whatever. So they usually pay back the loan.