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Still Headhunting?

Dan Hertz knows a lot about auditory neuroscience. Not so much about quantitative finance. But this email recently showed up in his in-box.

Hi Daniel,

I run the quant and development recruitment team at my firm, which I've been with for about 8 years. I'm working on a role for a quant research high frequency team at a major hedge fund client of mine.

My clients are the top funds and IB's in the world; it's my job to keep my finger on the pulse of the market and offer people like you an opportunity to progress within a healthy organization.

Would you be open to speaking with me about some of the opportunities I'm working on? I very much look forward to hearing from you!


Dan's a post-doc at the University of Maryland and says he doesn't want to go to Wall Street right now, but decided to check it out.

I called up the guy who sent it to me to make sure it was for real, and it very much was. He found my information by looking up people at Cornell (where I was a graduate student) who worked on data-intensive statistical analyses in physics and math. He said that while a lot of companies are struggling, some companies doing high frequency trading and other types of approaches are doing very well at the moment.

Some of Dan's friends had a different take on the email though.

One was that they might be firing older, more expensive employees and looking to hire younger, cheaper staff.