A New Way Out In Michigan : Planet Money An unusual home sale in Arcadia Township.
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A New Way Out In Michigan

Planet Money listener and self-described "Michigan exile" Chad S. sends along the story of a Michigan couple who are using an economy themed essay contest to sell their home. With an entry fee of $750, the couple hope to raise enough money to sell the farmhouse and start a new life in South Carolina. Besides the fee, entrants are required to write a 500 word essay about how the economy has affected their lives and how winning the home would change that. The Flint Journal reports:

"We want to help someone start their life over, along with ourselves," he said.

Worley, 51, and Debra, 49, have lived in the farmhouse for five years.

He said the 1,200-square-foot home, built in 1892 and possibly eligible for designation as a centennial farm, is worth about $245,000, but he'd be lucky to get half that through a sale in the present economy.