Hear: And Three Baby Camels : Planet Money On today's Planet Money, a shipper makes friends with the pirates' negotiator. Plus: Refi and haiku!

Hear: And Three Baby Camels

Happy holiday: Lemonade stand, reinvented, in San Francisco's Mission District. Jim Bourke hide caption

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Jim Bourke

On today's Planet Money:

-- On Monday, Jeff Nielsen told us about the trouble he'd had getting his mortgage reworked. He couldn't get an answer back from Wells Fargo, though his situation would seem perfect for President Obama's new program to keep people in their homes. After that podcast, wonder of wonders, Neilsen got a break.

-- Shipping executive Per Gullestrup wanted to rescue a crew of sailors from pirates demanding $7 million ransom. He ended up forging an unlikely business relationship with the negotiator, "Mr. Ali," marked by mutual respect and the gift of newborn livestock.

-- A haiku medley, written by you.

Bonus: Eating your own eats.

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Opening day at a community garden in Henderson, Colo. Michael Rodriguez hide caption

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Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez sends an indicator: 36.

As in 36 plots out of 40 sold in less than two weeks for our community garden here in Henderson, Colorado.

We are a suburban development, started in 2000, that is about 70% built out.

We took one of the empty lots and converted it to a community garden. I would say we are following a trend of growing locally, eating in with our own eats and saving $ in these economics time.