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Love in the Time of Foreclosure

While we try to figure out the best way to keep track of your struggles to get your mortgages modified, check out this blog of one couple's journey -- Love in the Time of Foreclosure. Here's a taste:

In today's mail, we received 7 more NOTICES OF TRUSTEE'S SALE.

Seven. Enough to form an F.

As though the 12 total notices we've received via mail so far weren't enough, there was another posted on our garage door today for all the world to see.

We discovered it as we were leaving to see a movie-- an attempt to carve out a little bit of fun in this long weekend. We stepped out onto the driveway and there it was. In plain view. BAM! The thing that we've been trying desperately to avoid for months.

I tore it down immediately out of embarrassment. Hoping none of our neighbors would see. It wasn't until later in the day after having some time to cool down that I taped it back up for purposes of this photo.

How I felt? Like a big loser. Like a failure. And afraid.