'Recessionships' : Planet Money A listener shares the story of her recession romance.
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Jacqueline from Cleveland, Ohio, posted this economic indicator on our Facebook page:

5. The number of couples I know that have met and started dating since the economic disaster that began last September. Including myself, all 5 couples met either right before or right after being laid off or just "out of work". Normally, something as devastating as a loosing one's job would cause a brand new, fragile relationship to end. In these cases, however, the tough economic times have seemed to "pull" the couples together. Fewer hours stressed out at work, no commuting, less money for happy hour with single friends and a general desire for companionship during this rough patch — has actually helped the relationships grow!

One comment from a girlfriend, "Before getting laid off, I knew I wanted to start dating again, but made no time at all for it. Now, I actually feel like I have the time to devote to getting to know someone." And from a guy friend, "Normally I would have been traveling 3 weekends each month to NY for my job, and it was impossible to keep a girlfriend happy, but now that I am in town all the time. We go out on weekends and see each other all the time. It's so easy. I should have quit years ago! Ha!"

I call it: Recessionships.