'The Story Of Stuff' : Planet Money Making the rounds of classrooms: a video about the perils of consumer culture.

'The Story Of Stuff'

The other day at the ices stand (think snocone, Hawaiian shave ice, etc.), my seven-year-old popped a wiggly when they handed him his treat in a plastic cup instead of a paper one. Proving why you should never let a first grader do your taxes, he refused the already used plastic one on environmental grounds and walked away happy only when we poured the sugary concoction into a second (readily biodegradable) cup.

For him, plastic is a huge, huge problem.

In the New York Times today, I finally caught up with the apparent phenomenon of The Story of Stuff, a 20-minute take on the perils of consumer culture that has been making the rounds of American classrooms. Some call it an educational breakthrough, some an unfair takedown of capitalism, and I'm betting many economists will say its reasoning is flawed.

But since the next generation's watching The Story of Stuff at school, I'm thinking we might out to watch it together on the blog. I'll reach out to a couple of economists about it, to get their view. The full video's after the jump.