What Happened To Mother Nature? : Planet Money Mike Pesca asks why Mother Nature is now wearing a suit.
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What Happened To Mother Nature?

Mother Nature used to look like this.This lady, progenitor of the Heat and Snow Miser follows the standard depiction of Mother Nature as a sylvan, earthy, vaguely counter-culture figure. Her clothes were loose and flowing, like a stream or breeze. Advertisers who used Mother Nature (she's a fair use ICON!) stuck to this basic script. Like this lady, who warns margarine users not to mess with Mother Nature, could have been outfitted from the same trunk as a summer stock production of Hair.

But look at how Mother Nature is showing up these days — dressed in a sharp business suit.

— Mike Pesca

Its not just in Vitamin Water Ads, Tampax has gussied up Mother Nature to make her more friendly to the board room too.

I don't have a solid thesis on WHY this is, I just find it curious THAT it is. Probably has something to do with appealing to working women, though I'm not sure why a marketer would need to make Mother nature relatable to make her effective. It's not like the traditional depictions of Mother Nature date from a time when regular women wore loose green garments and donned squirrel hats. I think the new image for Mother Nature conveys that she is IN CHARGE, and for a woman to be IN CHARGE is no longer a feat of mysticism — it's a regular feature of corporate America. Hillary Clinton factors in too somehow, I'm just not sure of the details. This is all very interesting, and much less disturbing than when the Jolly Green Giant wore tan chinos on Casual Fridays.