Hear: Fat Cats Too Fat : Planet Money On today's Planet Money, proof that Wall Street types are overpaid. And one guy who's not sorry.

Hear: Fat Cats Too Fat

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Hear: Fat Cats Too Fat

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On today's Planet Money:

If you've felt, say, in the last nine months or so that people who work on Wall Street make too much money, we've got a guest for you. Ariell Resheff, an economics professor at the University of Virginia, says you're right, and he can prove it.

On the other hand, we got a message on our apology line (202.371.1775) from a mortgage industry veteran who says he's at least a little bit responsible for the financial crisis. And he's not sorry.

Bonus: Psychic foreclosure detritus for sale in Seattle.

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Dominic Vigil

Dominic V sends the picture above and writes:

I live in Seattle, WA and there was a Psychic that rented a place across the street from my apartment. They became behind in their rent, so their landlord evicted them and he is now he is selling their items for help pay some of the back rent.

I wonder if they saw it coming?