Planet Money Road Trip : Planet Money We need your help in CT, MA, and RI.
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Planet Money Road Trip

UPDATE: Unfortunately we have to postpone this trip, due to powers beyond our control. Thank you for sending your story ideas and hopefully we'll see you on the road real soon.

Caitlin, David, and I are hitting the road for Planet Money's first mini-road trip.

We are doing an event with WBUR in Boston next Wednesday, June 24th so thought we'd leave a bit early and run the blog and podcast from the road. It's a quick trial run before some more ambitious road trips we want to do later this summer.

Please help us. We need stories.

Specifically, we want to find people and businesses coming up with creative and profitable responses to the financial crisis.

I remember interviewing plastics manufacturers in Erie, PA, a few years ago. Many had shut down or were about to. They couldn't compete with far cheaper Chinese imports. But a handful came up with creative solutions. The most successful was a guy who hired some engineers to design better caps for bottled water. He turned his commodity plastics business into a profitable innovation company.

This morning, on Morning Edition, Jim Zarroli had a story about an ad agency using all the recent layoffs in the industry to try a new business model.

Our listeners keep asking us to do some positive stories to break up the unrelenting misery we sometimes seem to cover. We want to find some of the tiny mammals looking at all those dinosaurs dying.

Do you see anything like that happening in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island?

Preferably somewhere roughly along this route.

Please hit the comments or email us.