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Your Favorite Stimulus Project

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UPDATE: Turns out the stimulus isn't so polar bear friendly. Details after the jump.

We're looking for your favorite (or least favorite) stimulus project.

On our Planet Money (mini) road trip next week I'd like to check in on how some of the hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars are being spent.

Have any suggestions along our route?

The website Stimulus Watch by some folks at George Mason University has been collecting a lot of thumbs-downs. Example: a $4.8 million project for a polar bear exhibit in Rhode Island that would create 192 jobs. (No idea how up-to-date the website is.)

Here's a list of state websites for stimulus spending.

UPDATE: Pro Publica reports that the polar bears in RI won't be getting a new home because the economic stimulus law bans state and local governments from spending the money on zoos.

So much for Providence Mayor David Cicilline's efforts on Fox & Friends.