Hear: How We Get Paid : Planet Money On today's show, how compensation works for real estate agents, mechanics and the Planet Money staff.

Hear: How We Get Paid

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Hear: How We Get Paid

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On today's Planet Money:

-- We asked you to share your stories about how you get paid. Today we hear from real estate agent Rachel Nelson, who says she likes working on commission, and mechanic Raymond McMormick who pays his staff using a piece rate system.

-- Robert Frank, author of the Economic Naturalist's Field Guide, lays out the benefits and problems of merit based pay using the Planet Money Staff as an example.

Bonus: An indicator from the dairy aisle.

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Brandon M. sends this economic indicator:

0. As in the rate of of growth in June for the dairy department that I manage at a natural food maketplace in Prescott, AZ. It's actually a positive indicator considering that the last six months have had negative growth (retraction). The store as a whole remains at about -2% growth.

This is good news considering that my department tends to be a bellweather for the rising trend within the store, and the summer time tends to be a slower time of year for the store in general. I have actually been able to give three out of the four people who work under me raises in their hourly rates within the last two months and my labor hours have remained steady in the last two months. Hoping that this green shoot sheds some positive light for others on the economy.