Dialing For Answers In Uganda. Plus: Signs The Great Recession Is Ending : Planet Money In the news today, word of an intriguing way to use information for economic development in Africa.

Dialing For Answers In Uganda. Plus: Signs The Great Recession Is Ending

Good morning, and welcome to our reading list on this relatively quiet Yom Kippur.

Department of Cool Ideas: In Uganda, people without access to the Web can get answers to questions by calling a free, nonprofit service. Question Box, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, operates on the theory that knowledge is not just power but a means of economic development. People seeking information about crop pests or health care can dial up on cell phones, which are a fast-growing tool in Africa.

Department of So Ready for This: Some firms are calling laid-off workers back to work, USA Today reports, creating pockets of happiness and hope.

Department of Politics: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appears to have weathered the worst slings and arrows of the economic crisis, the New York Times says, and boy, has he got a lot to look forward to.

Department of Indicators: The latest sign that the Great Recession is ending is that holders of Treasury bonds are about to lose money for the first time in a decade. Last year, investors seeking a safe place to park their money drove the price of Treasurys up by 14 percent. Now that the panic has subsided and investors feel secure enough to take more chances, those bonds aren't worth as much.