Obama Gets A-/B- on Health Care Test : Planet Money Princeton health care economist gives President Obama an A- on his health care speech overall, but a B-/C+ on the economics of his argument for a public plan option.
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Obama Gets A-/B- on Health Care Test

Princeton professor Uwe Reinhardt writes that he couldn't resist grading President Obama's big health care speech last week:

"After decades of teaching, I view everything around me as a final exam and assign it letter grades."

Reinhardt's report card gives Obama an A- overall. But when it comes to the president's pitch for a public health plan option? B-/C+

As an economist... I have some trouble buying the president's argument that a new public plan, added to the existing large number of private insurance vehicles, would inject more competition into the market for health insurance and that more competition in that market would help lower the cost of health care.

Reinhardt says someone in the Political Science department might give that part of the speech an A, though.