Map: State Unemployment Rates : Planet Money The Bureau of Labor Statistics says unemployment is up from this time last year in all 50 states, but there are some bright spots.

Map: State Unemployment Rates

Jobless in September

The unemployment rate fell in 19 states last month, including in struggling Ohio and Indiana, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Which leaves the bad news, that unemployment rose in 23 states. Another eight recorded no change. Leading the way with the biggest drop in workers was New York, Texas, California, Wisconsin and Michigan. States that added the most jobs included Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.

Compared to this time last year, unemployment is higher in every state and the District of Columbia. Michigan recorded the highest unemployment in September, with 15.3 percent.

If you're looking for healthy states, try North Dakota (4.2 percent unemployment), South Dakota (4.8 percent) or Nebraska (4.9 percent).