Suffering For Their Art : Planet Money Half of artists say they have lost 50% or more of their incomes in the last year.
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Suffering For Their Art

More than half of artists have seen their income fall in the last year, with nearly 18 percent of respondents reporting an income loss of more than 50 percent during the recent recession, according to a new study.

Incredibly, many artists also said they were inspired by the hard times, with some reporting they were happy to have more time to spend on their art because they were out of work. Three out of four of the 5,200 artists surveyed said that it was an inspiring time to be an artist, and 89 percent felt that artists could play a special role in strengthening their communities during turbulent economic times.

The report found the majority of artists work a second job (and about 20 percent work a third job) to finance their art; musicians and architects make more than painters and writers; and the majority have college degrees.