Airplane Reading : Planet Money Some readings on economics and climate change, and why a climate treaty may be the hardest the world has ever tried to negotiate.
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Airplane Reading

Just arrived in Copenhagen. Here's what I brought to read on the plane.

- A study by the Pew Center picking apart the economic analyses looking at why everyone has different estimates for how much it's going to cost to address climate change.

- This book about the difficulties of reaching a climate treaty edited by two economists. I list this, not so that you'll read it, but just to point out that it exists at all. The foreward was written by former Treasury Secretary (now Obama advisor) Larry Summers. One of the editors is Joe Aldy, who is now also an advisor to Obama on climate issues. You can read Summers' essay here. He lays out pretty clearly why coming up with a treaty on climate change is particularly difficult, and along the way explains why some buildings at Harvard are so energy inefficient.