NYT Pink Slips : Planet Money The New York Times is expected to resort to pink slips next week in an effort to trim 100 newsroom employees.
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NYT Pink Slips

In October, the New York Times announced it would need to trim as many as 100 newsroom jobs by the end of the year and has sought most of the cuts through voluntary layoffs. Unfortunately, it appears not enough staffers have raised their hand so the paper is expected to hand out pink slips as early as next week.

It's a sad situation. I spent a dozen years at the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal and have concluded, unfortunately, that most newspapers won't be standing in their current form in another decade, if they can make it that long. Sure, some may keep themselves going in name only. But I don't see how they will have the money to keep even a good share of their reporters or afford to do the kind of intensive reporting, especially investigative reporting, they do so well.

I hope other media organizations, independent reporters and bloggers — who do a great job, in my opinion, of sparking debate and discussion today but comparatively little independent reporting - make up the slack.

What do you all think?