(Sex) Business As Usual at Climate Talks : Planet Money Some prostitutes in Copenhagen are offering their services for free to climate talk delegates. They are protesting a campaign by city officials that tries to discourage visitors from paying for sex.
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(Sex) Business As Usual at Climate Talks

Danish officials are worried people may be buying and selling more than carbon credits at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

According to the Copenhagen Post, the city council distributed postcards to hotels urging visitors for the climate talks to "Be sustainable: DON'T BUY SEX."

Some sex workers are striking back. The Copenhagen Post reports:

"A group of prostitutes has decided to offer free sex to delegates taking part in UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in protest against the city's attempt to dissuade conference participants from visiting brothels."

I'll be at the climate talks this week, covering the carbon credits side of things.