Clown Gets Paid! : Planet Money Mandy Dalton, a clown who had gotten caught up in the gigantic bankruptcy of mall owner General Growth Properties, says she finally got her $200 for a performance she did at a mall.
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Clown Gets Paid!

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Mandy Dalton

Remember Mandy Dalton, the clown who had gotten caught up the one of the largest bankruptcies of all time? (She was owed $200 for a show she did at a mall owned by General Growth Properties, which went bankrupt after being unable to deal with much larger debts of $900,000,000.)

Well GGP is in the news again, because its competitor Simon Property Group is trying to buy the company out. I called Mandy to ask how things were going. She says she finally got paid, a $200 check arrived in the mail. "I'm very happy", she says. "They probably said 'Let's just get the clown out of our hair."

One person stands to get a lot more than $200 from the bankruptcy. Businessweek is reporting that if the buyout goes through, investor William Ackman could make $170 million.

Mandy, by the way, says the clown business has been good recently. She had saved enough for a trip abroad. I talked to her via Skype in Barcelona where she was taking a class at the Nouveau Clowning Institute.

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