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Running The Planet

After Planet Money burst upon the scene and proceeded to win nearly every major award in broadcasting, NPR figured this wildly successful team of brilliant reporters could use some.... supervision.


But I wasn't one to argue. Here was an opportunity to work at one of America's premier news organizations, with some of the finest journalists around. Plus, my job description would be running the planet. Or, more precisely, helping this multimedia project expand its reach. Building up the blog so we can deliver stories to readers that are as compelling as the ones we produce for listeners. Making sure the podcast and radio pieces for Morning Edition and All Things Considered keep getting better.

I'm an expat from print, having spent four-fifths of my career at the Wall Street Journal (the actual numerator is 16 -- I'm proud of that, but we try to avoid scary numbers around here).

At the the Journal I learned that it's impossible to understand the world without examining the role of business and economics. I started as a legal reporter, since I'd gone to law school before that, and went on to become deputy editor of Page One and editor of Weekend Journal. I left the Journal to become a deputy editor of Conde Nast Portfolio.

Since joining Planet Money in December, I've learned that editing stories for broadcast and podcast-especially the kind of narrative mini-documentaries that Planet Money has perfected - can be a lot like editing the best business stories I've worked on in print, which bring a sense of suspense, discovery and joy to the densest of subjects. Only now I need headphones.