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Mortgage Boom Anthem: 'I Like Big Bucks'

A little more Washington Mutual color from this week's Senate hearings:

At a retreat in Kuai back in 2006 — when the housing market peaked — WaMu employees sang this riff on the Sir Mix-a-Lot classic:

I like big bucks and I cannot lie.
You mortgage brothers can't deny,
That when the dough roles in like you're printin' your own cash,
And you gotta make a splash,
You just spends.
Like it never ends,
Cuz you gotta have that big new Benz.
All of that bling you're wearin',
Shining so bright peoples starin'.
It's crazy, I gotta ski Aspen
That's all I'm askin'.

Two year later, after things fell apart, WaMu employees held a wake for their company. There, somebody sang another song, riffing on a Beatles tune: "I should have known better than to hold that stock."