How To Help The Schoolchildren Of L'Artibonite : Planet Money The school featured in our story about struggling rice farmers is accepting donations.
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How To Help The Schoolchildren Of L'Artibonite

A classroom in Haiti.
Adam Davidson/NPR

Following our story and podcast about the struggling rice farmers of l'Artibonite, Haiti, many of you asked how you could help the school we visited.

The principal of the school, Enselm Simpliste, has set up an account for the school at Fonkoze, a microcredit group based in Haiti.

You can send donations to the school's account by sending checks to Fonkoze's bank in the US, City National Bank. Make the checks payable to Fonkoze and mail them to the following address:

City National Bank

382 West 125th Street

New York, NY 10027

On the memo line of the check, write down the name of the school, Ecole Bethlehem, and the account number, 71-1-411-264-01. Fonkoze also asks that send them an email at when you mail the check.

Fonkoze charges a fee of $10 per transfer, regardless of the amount sent. You can find more details about the process on their website.