Steve Jobs: The iPad Came Before The iPhone : Planet Money Even though the iPhone preceded its tablet big brother in the market, the Apple chief says the iPad was on the drawing boards first.

Steve Jobs: The iPad Came Before The iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke yesterday at a WSJ tech conference, and there were some interesting tidbits. The WSJ's Walt Mossberg asked Jobs about the development of the iPhone and the iPad:

"I actually started on the tablet first," Jobs says. "I had this idea of being able to get rid of the keyboard and type on a multitouch glass display."

But once Apple developed the display, and added touch-scrolling, "I thought, 'Oh my God, we can build a phone out of this,' " he says. "And I put the tablet project on the shelf, because the phone was more important."

Also in the video, Jobs predicts a "post-PC era," when PCs will be like trucks -- powerful machines used by the few, rather than the many. And he says he hopes tablets will help newspapers stay in business. "I don't want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers," he says.

After the jump: Remember Apple TV? In another video from the conference, Jobs discusses the difficult economics of bringing high-tech innovation to Television.