Weddings By the Hour : Planet Money How about $270,000 per hour for a wedding bash? That could be what Chelsea Clinton's celebrations cost
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Weddings By the Hour

Chelsea Clinton at Swarthmore
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Look at a wedding by the hourly cost instead of the total tab, suggests the WSJ's Brett Arends, and get ready for even bigger sticker shock.

Measured that way, Chelsea Clinton's upcoming nuptials cost $270,000 an hour, assuming a $3 million overall tab and a celebration that lasts 11 hours. At $2 million, that's still $180,000 an hour. "How much fun can anyone have in an hour? Even if you're, say, doing the tango with Oprah Winfrey?" asks Arends.

Even for mere mortals who spend the average price of $17,500 for a wedding, that's still $1,500 an hour if it lasts 11 hours. If it lasts just six, that's $3,000 an hour.

Arends suggests buying stock in which unlike many wedding throwers has lots of cash and no debt.