The Moonshine Stimulus : Planet Money On today's podcast we explain how Prohibition, a divisive moral issue, became a celebrated business stimulus plan.

The Moonshine Stimulus

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The Moonshine Stimulus

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Historians say it was the spring waters that brought President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Warm Springs, Georgia, in the 1920's. FDR, who suffered from polio, was said to have used the springs for physical therapy. Around town however, another story circulates, FDR was fond of the region's moonshine.

On today's Planet Money, we travel to Warm Springs to find out if the rumors are true. Did FDR really buy moonshine during Prohibition? Did he really violate the Constitution he had sworn to protect?

In our quest for truth, we meet the daughter of FDR's favorite fiddle player and an economist, who explains how a divisive moral issue, became a celebrated business stimulus plan.

FDR is often credited with popularizing the dirty martini, some say he even celebrated the repeal of Prohibition with one. Here's a recipe to make your own "FDR Martini" at home.

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