Auto-Tune The Bankers: 'We Didn't See It Comin' : Planet Money A music video about bankers, from the team behind Auto-Tune the News.

Auto-Tune The Bankers: 'We Didn't See It Comin'


Planet Money and ProPublica partnered on a story this morning about how the CDO departments of big Wall Street banks exacerbated the housing bubble and made the financial crisis worse. You can read versions of the story on our blog and at

Planet Money and ProPublica also partnered on the project with the Gregory Brothers of Auto-Tune the News. For those who haven't seen any of the Gregory Brothers' other videos, they describe their work this way: "Auto-Tune the News uses real video clips like news broadcasts, viral videos and other talking head content to create funny music videos."

For more: Watch 'Bet Against the American Dream,' a show tune about a hedge fund.