Beer, Cheesecake And Climate Change : Planet Money A new SEC rule means food and drink companies are warning investors about business risks linked to climate change.
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Beer, Cheesecake And Climate Change

Every quarter, public companies issue warnings about the risks they face. Earlier this year, the SEC said companies have to consider the effects of climate change and related regulations among those risks.

That's led to warnings from, among others, a bunch of companies that sell food and drinks. In a post today, rounds up some of the biggies:

Molson Coors: "While warmer weather has historically been associated with increased sales of beer, changing weather patterns could ... increase the cost of key agricultural commodities, such as hops, barley and other cereal grains …Climate change may also cause water scarcity…"

Kellogg: Commodity costs "may fluctuate widely due to government policy and regulation, weather conditions, climate change or other unforeseen circumstances."

Coca-Cola: Water faces "unprecedented challenges from overexploitation, increasing pollution, poor management and climate change."

Sara Lee: "Increased government regulations to limit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions as a result of concern over climate change may result in increased compliance costs ... In addition, climate change could affect our ability to procure needed commodities at costs and in quantities we currently experience."