Yard Sale At Bernie Madoff's : Planet Money The feds are auctioning off more of Bernie Madoff's stuff. Among the items up for bid: Bernie's bed, a cigar box and at least 17 watches, including a bunch of gold Rolexes.
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Yard Sale At Bernie Madoff's

The U.S. Marshals are holding an auction on Saturday to sell more of Bernie Madoff's stuff. Along with the slippers and diamond engagement ring, the Feds revealed more details about the personal jewelery, furniture, and clothing that are on the auction block.

The 400-plus list of items includes this late-19th century brass and crystal French cigar box (cigars not included).

Cigar box
U.S. Marshals

Also, watches. At least 17 watches. Many of them gold, many of them Rolexes. Like this gold "Anti-Magnetique" with a black crocodile band.

Gold Rolex watch
U.S. Marshals

You can buy Bernie's Bed (mattress not included).

Bernie Madoff's Mahagony Bed
U.S. Marshals

George III Inlaid Mahogany and Satinwood Tester Bed with intense sun fading, early 19th century, full size, missing original headboard and with fabric bed hangings (fabric is in poor condition) Note: Mattress is for display only not included in lot!

And a set of really ugly couches to match.

U.S. Marshals

Custom chair and ottoman with chintz print, sun faded and worn SOFA: Custom 70 inch sofa with chintz upholstery and two large pillows, sun faded and slightly worn

The profits from the auction go to a fund for the investors Madoff defrauded.