Somebody Hacked The Fed : Planet Money A spokeswoman says no Fed data was compromised. Separately, the man also had 400,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers on his computer.
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Somebody Hacked The Fed

Federal prosecutors in New York indicted a guy today for allegedly hacking the Fed and other financial institutions. According to one of the legal documents filed in the case, the man

... compromised a computer network of the Federal Reserve Bank ("FRB") by exploiting a vulnerability he found within their secure system. The FRB in Cleveland, Ohio has confirmed that an FRB computer network was hacked in approximately June 2010 ...

A Fed spokeswoman tells Bloomberg News that no Fed data was accessed or compromised. The system that was hacked is used for testing and is "not in any way connected to our live production system," she said.

The man allegedly hacked into the computer networks of a bunch of different financial institutions. He also had more than 400,000 credit and debit card numbers on his computer when he was arrested last month at JFK airport, prosecutors said.