Japan Is Already Rebuilding : Planet Money See before-and-after photos of a destroyed road rebuilt just three days after the quake.
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Japan Is Already Rebuilding

Yes, these pictures come from a press release. And yes, they only show one stretch of road.

Still, these before-and-after shots are pretty impressive. They show a road that was destroyed in the earthquake, and rebuilt under repair just a few days later.

East Expressway Co. /via Good
Great Kanto branch
East Expressway Co. /via Good

Planet Money Request: Can any of the Japanese speakers out there help us translate the text below the photos?

Update: One commenter points out that the "after" photo was to taken up the road from the "before" photo. Another directs us to this page, which has more photos of the road. And thanks to the readers who offered translations. Here's what the caption says, according to one commenter:

Figure on the left.
(Shot at 16:30 March 11th)
Damage is situated at between Mito interchange and Naka interchange on Joban freeway. About 150km of the road has been severely damaged, it almost looks like a sine wave from the profile.

Figure on the right.
(Shot at 15:00 March 15th)
Debris removal has been taking place, now we're putting those small crushed stones as a base for the concrete road to be built on top of it.

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Hat tip: Good, via Business Insider