Unemployment In Your State : Planet Money Here's a map showing the latest state-by-state unemployment numbers. The range is wide — from a high of 12 percent in Nevada to a low of 3 percent in North Dakota.
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Unemployment In Your State

The government released state-by-state unemployment numbers this morning. In the map below, you can mouse over each state to see the unemployment rate.

Only five states had unemployment rates significantly higher than 9.1 percent, the national unemployment rate. But those five include some very big, very hard-hit states. California, which actually lost jobs last month, has the nation's second-highest unemployment rate, at 11.7 percent. (Nevada is highest, at 12.1 percent.)

North Dakota, with money flowing from the recent oil boom, had the lowest unemployment rate, 3.2 percent. The next lowest was Nebraska's 4.1 percent.

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