Ecuador Needs Your Dollar Coins : Planet Money Photos and stories about dollar coins, from Planet Money listeners.

Ecuador Needs Your Dollar Coins

From our listeners: Dollar coins out in the world. Jess Jiang/NPR hide caption

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Jess Jiang/NPR

From our listeners: Dollar coins out in the world.

Jess Jiang/NPR

In Friday's podcast, we asked listeners to send pictures of dollar coins in the wild. And people did.

Several listeners also wrote in with dollar-coin stories. Rebecca K. was one of at least three people to write in from Ecuador, which uses the U.S. dollar as currency.

I know where the dollar coins are! They are here in Quito, Ecuador .... I regularly have about 10-20 Sacagawea dollar coins in my possession and I use them all the time to buy lots of different things....Here in Ecuador there is NEVER enough change....The most needed currency here is actually the $1 coin.

But the dollar coin has trouble getting traction in the U.S. One listener, Rachel B., wrote in about her daughter's experience with dollar coins. For a while, the tooth fairy left her a dollar coin for each tooth she lost.

Well, it was cool for the first couple teeth and then my daughter started requesting paper dollars from the Tooth Fairy. With her tooth, she now leaves a note saying "Can I please have a paper $1.00?."

Thanks for all the pictures!