3 Very Bad Economic Indicators : Planet Money Manufacturing is slowing, economic growth is anemic, and the jobs picture is grim.
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3 Very Bad Economic Indicators

The recovery wasn't much to begin with. Now it's getting worse.

1. Factories barely grew last month, according to a widely-watched monthly survey released today. It was the worst month in two years for U.S. manufacturers, the survey found.

2. Broader economic growth is anemic. GDP rose at an annual rate of less than 1 percent during the first half of this year, according to a report released on Friday. That's much lower than earlier estimates suggested. The report also found that the economy took an even bigger hit during the recession than economists thought.

3. Job growth has slowed dramatically. Earlier this year, the U.S. economy was adding well over 100,000 jobs a month. But over the past few months, that has slowed dramatically — only 18,000 jobs were added in June. The July jobs numbers come out on Friday; early estimates suggest that the economy added 75,000 jobs during the month, which is not enough to keep up with population growth, much less bring down unemployment.