Unemployment In Your State : Planet Money There's a huge range, from 13.4 percent in Nevada to 3.5 percent in North Dakota. See how your state's doing.
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Unemployment In Your State

New numbers for state unemployment rates came out today. Here's a look:

The range is really striking — from 13.4 percent in Nevada (housing bust disaster area) to 3.5 percent in North Dakota (oil boom epicenter).

But there's been remarkably little change within states. In 45 states, the unemployment rate is "not appreciably different" than it was a year ago, according to the BLS. When the national unemployment rate is over 9 percent, "not appreciably different" is not what you want to hear.

Five states did see significant declines in unemployment over the past year: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Indiana, Oregon and Florida.

Here's the full release from the BLS.