Alesio Rastani On the BBC : Planet Money A trader tells the BBC he's hoping the market will crash. The Internet goes wild.
NPR logo 'I Dream Of Another Recession'

'I Dream Of Another Recession'

This is making the rounds.


One question everybody's been asking: Is this a hoax?

Not as far as anybody can tell.

Forbes got Alessio Rastani on the phone, and published the interview under the headline "Trader or Prankster?" He told Forbes:

I thought everybody already knew this kind of stuff. The big players of funds rule the world, I don't think that was news. And what I said about making money from a crash, obviously not everybody knows about that, you can make money from a downward market. ...

what I was really trying to say is people need to educate themselves about how to do that... what I was trying to say was, look, everyone should basically prepare.

The blogger and former trader Kid Dynamite says Rastani just sounds like ... an ordinary trader.

The guy is prepared for his view of reality: that things are not as good as the talking heads want you to believe they are, and thus he's ready to profit from a bear market.