3 Lists, In No Particular Order : Planet Money Market headlines, women's magazines and Greek default.
NPR logo 3 Lists, In No Particular Order

3 Lists, In No Particular Order

1. One Day in Mainstream Media Market Headlines

6:00 AM MarketWatch US Futures Down As Euro Pressures Mount

6:30 AM TheStreet.com US Stock Futures Recover on Amazon Tablet Expectation ...

11:30 AM TheStreet.com Stocks Exist at Half Past 11 AM this Morning ...

12:00 PM MarketWatch Stocks Slightly Higher at Mid-Day as I Pick Up My Dry Cleaning ...

3:11 PM TheStreet.com US Stocks Still Unchanged, We Just Checked For You ...

3:56 PM Reuters US Stock Market Flat on Close

Source: The Reformed Broker

2. What Women Want, According To The October Covers Of Women's Magazines

Fall's hot shoes
Fall's hot boots
Fall's hot bags ...

To look younger
To look thinner
To look cute this weekend ...

Straighter hair
Great hair
Healthy, shiny hair
Rock and Roll Hair...

To learn about Nina's big challenge
To learn how to cook for a flat belly
To learn 4 words that seduce a man anytime
To learn 50 things you should never stop doing in a relationship
Chic coats

Source: The Hairpin

3. The economic impact of a Greek default under 3 different scenarios




Source: FT Alphaville/SocGen