Econ Posters From Our Readers : Planet Money Thanks to everyone who submitted economics posters. Here are a few of our favorites.
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Econ Posters From Our Readers

On Friday, we put up a few minimalist econ posters we created to illustrate ideas from economics and finance. And we asked readers to submit their own posters.

Thanks to everyone who responded! We picked a few of our favorites to post here.

Minimalist Economics Posters: Scarcity
Courtesy of Artem Gervets
Minimalist Economics Posters: Opportunity Cost
Courtesy of Shiraz Ahmed
Minimalist Economics Posters: Under Water
"Underwater"/Courtesy of John P. Bourgeois
Minimalist Economics Posters: Negative Equity
Courtesy of Damon Allen Davison
Courtesy of Shawn Colton
Minimalist Economics Posters: Monopoly
Courtesy of Shawn Colton

Please keep the submissions coming. Email us at, and write "econ posters" in the subject line. Or post them on Twitter or Instagram and tag them #econposters.