The 14-Year-Old Who Bought A House : Planet Money When a 14-year-old girl can buy a house for $12,000, is it a sign the market has bottomed?

The 14-Year-Old Who Bought A House

The 14-Year-Old Who Bought A House

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Willow Tufano is a 14-year-old girl who recently bought a house in Florida for $12,000.

Willow and her mom split the cost of the house, which they're now renting out. Willow saved up money by selling stuff from foreclosed homes on Craigslist; she plans to buy out her mom's share in the next few years.

We did a radio story about Willow earlier this month. The story took off. Since it aired, Willow has been on Ellen, CNN and ABC News.

On today's show, we hear the original radio story. And we hear more from the neighborhood where Willow lives. It's a place where people who bought at the top of the bubble — including Willow's family — live next to people who bought identical homes at a fraction of the price.

And we discuss whether a 14-year-old girl buying a house is a sign that that housing market has finally bottomed.

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