Toxie's In a Museum : Planet Money Planet Money's pet toxic asset is part of a show about the history of banking in New York.
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Toxie's In a Museum

Toxie's new home.
courtesy Museum of the City of New York

Toxie, Planet Money's toxic asset, has a new home. She used to sit in my desk drawer — 300 some worn pages, marked with post-its. But a few weeks ago, a curator from the Museum of the City of New York came to take custody of her. She's now on display as part of an exhibit about banking in New York.

I went to the opening last night. She was in a proper display case befitting an artifact of the financial crisis. The plaque read "Prospectus for Harbor View Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-10, CUSIP #41161PUA9, or "Toxie," issued 2005.

If you're in town, the exhibit runs through October 21st.