Episode 380: An Austerity Wedding : Planet Money Does Greece have any alternatives to austerity?

Episode 380: An Austerity Wedding

Episode 380: An Austerity Wedding

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Katerina Margaritou, in her wedding dress. Courtesy Katerina Margaritou hide caption

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Courtesy Katerina Margaritou

Say you've messed up so badly that the only people who will offer you help want your pain and suffering in exchange. They want, to use a fashionable term, austerity. Do you have to accept it? What if that turns out that the pain and suffering is a 20-year detour detour into economic collapse?

On today's show, we hear from a Greek economist about the options open to the country. And we talk to a Greek couple that's getting married tomorrow. They're not sure how they're going to pay for the wedding.

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