Episode 435: Why Buying A Car Is So Awful : Planet Money Why millions of Americans still haggle with car dealers in person, one brand at a time.

Episode 435: Why Buying A Car Is So Awful

Episode 435: Why Buying A Car Is So Awful

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New Ford vehicles stand ready for buyers at the Sunrise Ford dealership
David McNew/Getty Images

In survey after survey, people rank buying a car as one of their least favorite experiences.

Why hasn't anyone figured out a better way to sell cars? Why can't you just go to a car store and shop for cars from a bunch of different manufacturers? Why don't cars have real price tags — with real prices, that people actually pay?

Today on the show: Why car buying is so unpleasant, and what your local legislators may be doing to keep it that way.

For more, see this paper by Fiona Scott Morton, an economist we talk to on today's show.

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